PearPrep Refund Policy - PearPrep Guarantee

Guarantee Overview:
PearPrep is committed to your academic success. If you don't achieve a score of 5 on at least one of your AP exams after using our platform, we will refund the total cost of your PearPrep Pro subscription.

Eligibility Criteria:
- Active Subscription: Must have an active PearPrep Pro subscription for at least 2 months prior to your AP exam date.
- Minimum Usage: Engage with the platform for at least 45 minutes per week or a total of 15 hours over a 3-month period before the exam.
- Proof of Score: Provide your AP exam transcript within 30 days of receiving your results.
- AP Subjects: Applies to all subjects offered under PearPrep.

Refund Process:
- Request Period: Submit your refund request within 30 days after receiving your AP exam scores.
- Verification: We will verify your usage data and exam scores.
- Refund Approval: Upon successful verification, a refund to your original payment method will be processed.

Additional Terms:
- One-Time Guarantee: Can be claimed only once per subscriber.
- Subscription Cancellation: Contact us within 30 days to apply for the guarantee if you have canceled your subscription.
- Refund Scope: Covers only the total cost of the subscription, excluding other expenses like books or materials.
- Legal Jurisdiction: Governed by the laws of Delaware, USA.
- Non-Transferable: Valid only for the registered subscriber.
- Policy Modification: PearPrep reserves the right to modify this policy with prior notice.

Limitations and Disclaimers:
- Applicable for the first attempt at the AP exam only.
- Not responsible for changes in AP exam formats or content by the College Board.
- Subject to account standing and adherence to our terms of service.
- The refund is processed exclusively through the original payment method.

PearPrep's PearPrep Guarantee reflects our confidence in our platform and our commitment to your academic achievements. We believe in a fair and transparent approach to ensure your satisfaction and success.