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Questions sorted by subtopic

Easily find the questions you need work on to practice for your exams

Question Collections

Create shareable collections of different types of questions to hone in on specific subject areas.

Save questions for review

Bookmark questions you find difficult and come back to them later to improve your understanding

Save questions as flashcards

Flashcards are a great way to memorise key concepts and definitions. Save questions as flashcards and study them on the go

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Accelerate your learning with generative AI

AI generated questions

A huge collection of over 10,000+ unique Al-generated practice questions.

Customised Practice Tests

Generate practice tests over specific units with the power of GPT-4.

Detailed Explanations

Intuitive and simple AI generated explanations to help you understand the correct answer.

Question Hints

High quality AI generated and teacher reviewed hints to help you master every question.

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Community is at the heart of PearPrep

At PearPrep, we're dedicated to fostering a vibrant community where students and educators collaborate effectively for AP exam success. Our platform thrives on the enthusiasm and passion of our users, who are committed to supporting each other's academic journey.

We actively embrace your feedback, feature suggestions, and bug reports, using them as a roadmap for continuous innovation and development, ensuring PearPrep aligns closely with your academic needs and aspirations.

Amy M

AP student

As an AP student, I used to study alone and found it overwhelming. It wasn't until I joined a study group with friends that I realized how collaborative learning could make complex concepts more accessible and studying a lot more enjoyable.

Emily N

AP student

Studying for AP Biology was a challenge, especially doing it all by myself. I found myself buried in notes and textbooks and not being able to understand a single thing. Having with my friends or other people would have been a game changer. We couldve talked about the difficult concepts and help eachother understand it. It’s one thing to study alone, but the support and working with other people would have made the learning process more effective and less painful.

Cam J.

AP student

Preparing for the AP Calculus exam on my own was hard at times. There were moments where I felt completely stuck on problems I didnt know how to solve. Looking back at it, maybe studying in a group or with a friend could've helped. Someone to discuss and work through these problems with could have provided different perspectives, making the learning experience easier and more fun.

Sofia M

AP student

When I was studying for my AP U.S. History exam, I often felt the lack of a support system. History involves understanding a lot of events, dates, and their interconnections, and it can be easy to miss things. I wished I had a group of people to have discussions with. It would've helped me understand the events from different perspectives and remember them better.

Paul K.

AP student

As an AP student, I used to study alone and found it overwhelming. It wasn't until I joined a study group with friends that I realized how talking about stuff together could make complex concepts easier to understand and studying a lot more enjoyable.

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